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Actionable intelligence for claims and litigation


The orbiting witness

The omnipresence of geospatial data and satellite imagery, and the power that the intelligence it delivers in claims workflows, disputes and litigation is a topic that we have spoken on extensively, benefits that have only been magnified during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Accurate collection and timely dissemination of intelligence is vital at all times, and we are well known for delivering cutting edge and unique insight into the circumstances of claims across the world, from remote and inhospitable locations, to business interruption losses impossible to verify using traditional investigative methods.

Last month, arbitrators found in favour of a reinsurance client following work we delivered using multispectral imagery to precisely map the spread of a wildfire, helping them to defend a multi million dollar business interruption loss.

“This is a tremendous result for us, and thank you for your involvement.”

But what happens when imagery and geospatial data and the processes that MIS best known for can’t answer all the questions that the Lloyd’s and London Market are suddenly faced with?

Pandemic related claims, disputes and litigation are arriving at scale. Being able to access accurate, time stamped and comparative evidence will play an important part in helping legitimising some claims and other legal disputes.

claims and litigation

The power of human intelligence

Leveraging our team of experienced in-house intelligence professionals, we have built the world’s most detailed and accessible database of Covid 19 related legal orders, directives and restrictions, helping our clients to ‘look back in time’ to understand legal issues affecting a claim or other dispute.

Our users – in both coverage and defence disputes – value the immediacy and the reliability of information we can provide. Our team works continuously to provide an archive of reliably time stamped intelligence, complete with up to date links to sources, at US County, State and Federal Level, Canadian Province level, and at Country level for every country in the world.

We have worked with (re)insurers, brokers, TPAs and adjusters around the world for over a decade and understand the need for complete transparency in any claim dispute. We also understand implicitly how to build an Intelligence Collection Plan – and that one size does not fit all when it comes to delivering actionable intelligence that our clients can rely on.

Support at an unprecedented time

For in-house claims and legal teams, access to this intelligence allows for improved time efficiency when assessing the circumstances of a claim. Our solution provides data which is available at the user’s fingertips, accurately time stamped and meticulously researched.

Recently, we were able to assist a large Lloyd’s insurer piece together a user friendly timeline of what happened in every one of their 14 jurisdictions where a contingency claim of over $1m had been received in relation to Covid-19. This would normally be days of costly research.

TPA clients tell us that every claim file they open now contains a download of our data for the relevant jurisdiction, removing any ambiguity for their busy team.

By relying on our services, which incorporate human intelligence data points, as well as the imagery and geospatial data for which we are best known, in-house claims and legal teams are able to positively impact several areas, including reducing expert spend, shorter claims life cycles, fewer contentious issues, reducing litigation and claims costs and most importantly, improving the experience for policyholders.


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