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Rosina Details Copy

Rosina Smith

Rosina Smith

Head of Product

Rosina Smith is McKenzie Intelligence Services’ (MIS) Head of Product and leads their fast-growing product team. After seven years at one of the largest insurers in the world, Allianz, and involvement with Insurtech in London and the US, Rosina has extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. Throughout her career so far, she has been at the forefront of setting up GIS-focused solutions, focusing on how location intelligence can be applied to both underwriting and claims practices. As a result, this led to a move to MIS to assist in the build and spearhead the launch of their Global Events Observer (GEO), MIS’ event response product, which is quickly transforming how the insurance industry consumes and uses GIS data to be able to respond to global catastrophic risks and conflicts more efficiently and accurately.

ACII-certified and holding a BSc in Mathematics & Management from the University of Nottingham, Rosina is also currently studying for an MBA at Henley Business School.

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