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Transform processes and unlock new insight using actionable intelligence

MIS’ core product, Global Events Observer (GEO) has been developed using co-funding from the European Space Agency’s Business Applications programme. Launched in 2021, it represents the next generation of MIS’ technology capability, supercharging our ability to collect and analyse highly accurate, geotagged external data from a huge range of space and ground sources.

We support our clients with automated decision making using accurate, geolocated data. Workflows across teams at insurers as well as governments and in the humanitarian sector can be radically enhanced. Global risks can be understood, mitigated, responded to and analysed in real time, resulting in cost efficiencies and client service benefits.

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MIS Intel

Developed specifically for exposure management and claims teams, MIS Intel is an agile software tool which delivers incredibly accurate and timely intelligence during and after catastrophic global events.

MIS uses multiple space and ground based data sources including very high resolution aerial imagery, and combines machine learning and human expertise to deliver actionable intelligence against individual risks and whole portfolios within hours of an event happening.

Custom services

We are often asked to design custom services for clients incorporating various elements of our services. From underwriters looking to improve their pricing models through geolocation and aggregation monitoring, risk engineers who want to deliver world leading client service through remote monitoring and mitigation, to claims teams who need expert analysis and ultra high resolution imagery to better understand their exposure to geopolitical events, we have the experience and expertise to deliver geospatial data and imagery projects of any size.

We have worked with insurers, brokers, TPAs and adjusters across the world to deliver actionable intelligence, transforming workflows to become more accurate and cost effective.

“McKenzie Intelligence via its MIS-Intel portal won the outstanding Achievement of the year at the British Claims awards for creating an initiative that marks a new departure for claims resolutions.”

John Eves – Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

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Case studies

MIS Intel Deep Dive

As geospatial data and analysis partners to the Lloyd’s of London insurance marketplace, MIS has delivered intelligence against over 120 global events including hurricanes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, terrorism, industrial accidents and geopolitics.

Exposure management teams are able to set initial reserves with 93% more accuracy.

Claims teams have relied on imagery and our expert analysis to pay claims with no inspection on the ground. Using our intelligence to enable effective triage can reduce cycle times up to 40% and deliver up to 2% improvement in expense ratio.

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